We are a full service graphic design firm. We understand the cumulative effect of a consistent brand is the most powerful thing you can do to build your business.

Let us help you connect, resonate and be memorable.

History – When Nadine Stellavato joined Lost Luggage in 1999, Jason Brown had already realized how valuable a branding service would be for his clientele. He (and they) were seeing the results through word of mouth. Marketplace buzz.

Nadine and Jason combined their experience in branding and product design to create a service that offers complete A-to-Z solutions. From customized presentation design to turnkey marketing campaigns. They called it Brand Envy. And it has grown into a considerable contributor to the Lost Luggage brand, utilized by everyone from individuals to global corporations. What ever your need, Brand Envy can help you. Creating smart, consistent messaging solutions that get noticed. Discussed. And remembered. While reflecting your unique culture and philosophy.

We believe that the last thing you should struggle with is the creation of a logo, presentation or marketing strategy. We remove that stress. And solve it intelligently, long term. So you can focus on your business goals, with the vehicles that drive you from where you are today. To where you want to be tomorrow.

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